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The Man Behind the Mantle

Originally from Novato, California, Brightwing has been producing and perfecting his own blend of music since 2012.
 Following his first big release in 2016, he played Okeechobee as well as Fractal Beach, which he returned for in 2018. He was also recently featured at Sub.culture music festival in 2021, and today he can be found continuing to bump his deep dubstep in Miami, Florida. Sharing a stage with names like legendary Joe Nice, Truth, and Commodo, he has tried his hand with various genres outside his own- including Drum and Bass, and House. His tinkering in and the fine tuning of elements from multiple genres has led to sharing billings with tons of other influential artists, such as Khiva, Squarewave and ill.Gates, as well as AtYya and Otto Von Schirach.
 From coast to coast, Brightwing has definitely delivered on his distinct sound, and will no doubt continue to do so into 2022.

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